Cultural center of Ierissos



Cultural Center of Ierissos

It is housed in an impressive building in the center of Ierissos, since 2004. It was approved by the European Investment Bank as a center for the promotion of the Athonite heritage and the promotion of the Mount Athos area with the use of modern technology. The first successful attempt of the center’s partners was the creation of a high-resolution video titled Travelogue in Mount Athos. In 2010, other movies were also filmed such as the SeaWorld and the Aesop’s Fables. It has a modern amphitheater with a curved screen 50sq.m. in size and 4 projectors for the projection of 3D movies (that viewers watch wearing special glasses), as well as an exhibition hall.

The exhibition hall this period hosts the photo exhibition "Mount Athos: 1000 years in 100 photos".


For information call: +30 23770 21130 or visit the website 3D Theatre.