Ammouliani Village



Ammouliani Island

The only populated island of central Macedonia has turned into one of the top tourist destinations of northern Greece. The 2 nautical miles separating the main settlement of Ammouliani from the port of Tripiti (outside Ouranoupoli) are covered in less than 15 minutes and the ferries are very frequent, daily. The island of Ammoulini looks like a paradise, with an area less than 4,5 sm in size, low hills, few olive trees but many beautiful beaches with crystal clear, turquoise waters.

According to local records, it was a dependency of Vatopediou monasteri of Mount Athos up until 1925. 2-3 monks lived here, managed the properties and had 20 workers from the nearby area as assistants. The latters were occupied in farming, pasturing and harvesting olive trees. In early 1925, the island was given to the refuges of Asia Minor and specificaly from the islands of Propontida (Gallimi, Pasalimani, Skoupia). These refuges coming from regions nearby Constantinople, brought with them their culture, manners and customs. Having knowledge of the sea, they were occupied in fishing and managed to excel in a small period of time.


Nowadays, tourism is one of the most basic occupations of the residents, since the island is visited by thousands of tourists from Greece and abroad, every year. Tourist infrastructure –rooms to let, hotels, taverns, canteens, umbrellas and sun beds, camping sites etc.- are constantly upgraded.