The Pilgrimage of Megali Panagia



The pilgrimage of Megali Panagia

The Great Pilgrimage is located 1,5km east of the village Megali Panagia, in a forested location where a chapel dedicated to St. Constantine existed. It has an attended courtyard, cells, auxiliary spaces, domed galleries. The bright red and yellow colors are dominant. It was built in 1863 and was rebuilt after the 1932 earthquake. It is worth visiting the Catholicon, with the interesting wood-carved “ikonostasi” (icon-screen) that is dated in 1870 and according to tradition it was made by two Bulgarian craftsmen over seven years. The same men seem to have built the despotic throne. According to tradition, the original, miraculous considered, picture of Virgin Mary was found there after the vision of an elder woman named Gerakina, in 1860. The ex community of Revenikia was named after this event as Megali Panagia. The picture has been stolen since 1978.


The place of Sanctification of Virgin Mary with the cool running water is located outside the yard of the Pilgrimage, under the temple.