The Weaving museum of Arnaia



The Weaving museum of Arnaia

There is no better way of learning about the art of weaving and the local tradition than visiting this museum which is housed in a recently restored and specially configured building which belonged to a famous local weaver called Charikleia Dimitrakoudi. Indeed, the history of the handmade carpets of Arnaia is lost in the depths of time: geometrically classic designs such as “krikela”, the “scissored sun” and other techniques recorded in the rest of Macedonia and Thrace, such as the “thilota” and “with the nail”, dominate the multicolored rooms. The dominant design is the “calligraphic” Arnaian carpets that are mainly used in the decoration of the walls.

The date of production of most of these, as well as the initials of the weaver who made them are woven in a corner. The themes come from the designs of cross stitch counters, are influenced by neoclassicism and display themes such as the “chariot of Eos”, the “dance of Zalongos” and from everyday life such as “the shepherdess” etc. The exhibition area of the museum is organized in two levels:

  • In the ground floor you will learn a lot about the process of the raw material’s conversion, such as the wool turning into thread. The showcases display objects and tools related to the process of the preparation of the thread. There are also large rugs or carpets.
  • The first floor contains the “calligraphic” Arnaian carpets as well as other kinds of textiles. Finally, the visitor has the opportunity to see a room decorated with the traditional Arnaian way.


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